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Message 532 - Posted: 5 Apr 2021, 13:16:49 UTC

How about testing if it's possible to run the Application on the Raspberry Pi (0/1/2/3 Rpi 4 not supported)
Running on the VC4Cl Opencl Implementation. It would be cool to use the unsused potential in the Raspberry Pi's
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Message 541 - Posted: 25 Apr 2021, 22:00:09 UTC - in response to Message 532.  

Sadly, Raspberry Pis are a bit too slow on the GPU side even with OpenCL exposed. Another issue is well, a BOINC client for the Raspberry Pi, and having an armv8 or aarch64 build for these Pis. I did some work making the first Super Mario 64 Port run on the Raspberry Pi, and I've got some experience with Pis over the years that make me say this isn't too possible.

I have also run Kaktwoos-cl on the Nintendo Switch with a CUDA-> OpenCL translation layer and let me just say it is extremely slow, and the Switch (overclocked even) is miles ahead of any raspberry Pi in performance.

That being said, for any other projects, even CPU based, there might be a chance to put the newer Pis to some use. Though, I given a 15watt power draw, even a weak 2 or 4 core laptop within the past 3 years will be faster.
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