About Minecraft@HOME

We are an open community seeking to solve some of Minecraft's biggest mysteries. Learn more about our projects, and how to contribute, below.

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Flying view of the Pack.png hill

Seed Finding

From Pack.PNG to the Menu Panorama, we are rediscovering iconic Minecraft worlds which were once believed to be forever lost to time.

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A 22 block tall cactus in a desert

Distributed Computing

Donate your computing power to Minecraft science (and real science too!) by joining thousands of other volunteers on BOINC.

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Group photo of about 30 people on the beach in frot of the pack.png hill

Fun & Community

Join our Discord and see what we are all about.  Help build on our official servers.  Everyone is welcome. You might be in the next credits reel.

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Contribute your computing power with BOINC!

Boinc logo

Several of our projects have been made possible by the BOINC platform, which enables volunteers to donate spare computing power.  To join this platform, first visit our BOINC homepage and create an account.  Then, download the client and follow the installation and configuration instructions on the page. Make sure to select the Minecraft@HOME project.  You can find additional help on our Discord server.

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