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Project Summary

With the release of the Minecraft Snapshot 21w41a (on October 13th, 2021), a new title-screen panorama was added into the game, showing the amazing new terrain during a beautiful sunset, and, as is now tradition, a new project immediately emerged. Right away, we started working on cracking the seed of this new panorama world, just like all the others that came before it.

The process was pretty standard; like with any other project, we extracted the images, made an overlay, made a server for the recreation, and started rebuilding as much of the world around the player as we could. Unlike with other projects though, there were recent changes that messed with the way features get seeded/generated, and lots of code digging was needed to figure everything out. Meanwhile, we also tried to find the coordinates of the player. First, the initial Z coordinate was found using the clouds, and then the full coordinates were found using grass texture rotations. Soon after, some seedcracking attempts started to be made, until cortex suddenly surprised everyone by cracking the seed on October 17th, 2021, at approximately 13:46 UTC.

The surprise didn't end there, however. After we Googled the seed to check if we were the first to find it, we were stunned to realize that this seed is, in fact, the very same seed as the one from the original title-screen panorama, which we found last year! Mojang must have intentionally used this specific seed as an easter egg to pay tribute to the original panorama, which in turn effectively made us crack the exact same seed twice in a funny way. We believe that this might be the tweet that sparked the idea for Jasper, the Mojang artist who makes these panoramas.

Please also check out the full list of contributors, describing who did what:

Seed: 2151901553968352745
Version: Minecraft Java 21w40a
Coordinates: X=4.83 Y=130.15 Z=-7294.28

Commands to replicate the panorama:
/gamerule doDaylightCycle false
/time set 12949
/tp @s 4.83 130.15 -7294.28 90 0

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