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BerryLanger7 ("I am Jai and was born on 18 July 1979. My hobbies are Auto audiophilia and Rock...")
TheronCuni1 ("My hobby is mainly Cubing. Appears boring? Not at all! I also try to learn Hindi in my...")
DavidaCheong ("Even with the pearl white coloring I can still see all that goes on inside the the...")
YIVAlbert012 ("I am Albert from Stathe. I am learning to play the Trombone. Other hobbies are American...")
ZitaKoerstz1 ("Lo mculi wowokholo wadlula emhlabeni ngomhlaka 5 Disemba wonyaka owedlule ngemuva...")
LeaBromley85 ("I don't know that I would ever be sexually satisfied with anyone with a penis because of...")
ZeldaStrain ("We get vaccinated. All of these things have deregulated the immune system, which is no...")
LetaMebane2 ("Hello, my title is Danial but I don't like when individuals use my full name. To play...")
TerriRehkop ("Hollis is my name and I totally dig that nick name. One belonging to the things he loves...")
BridgetteRed ("Of the many answers, many will run into and circle around the confounding factor in this...")

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