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KassandraPin ("This guy I was seeing 2 years ago just came out of a 5 year relationship, we went on a...")
LonaDeLissa1 ("The writer is called Carylon. California is where he's always been living. Researching...")
RoslynDsn874 ("Hello dear visitor. I am Leo and I adore it. Data processing is what he does for a...")
KitDecicco6 ("Therefore, their posting is subject to the moderators discretion. Note that we do not...")
CelsaGiblin3 ("They asked if I wanted a lawyer present and I just asked "for what?". I went in about...")
RonnieDalgar ("A generic term for low alcohol beverages brewed from a mash of malted barley and other...")
DannielleBay ("Maybe because he's been pushed away by someone he loved. He also said something about...")
DarylBushby ("My name is Daryl (48 years old) and my hobbies are Golf and Chainmail making. Here is...")
ClintonSprus ("However, the bridal shop worker claimed she went to bed alone and awoke to find someone...")
CelestaStahl ("I'm Danilo and I live in Dahlenberg. I'm interested in Continuing Education and Summer...")

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