YETI Tundra 65 Ice Cooler: Best Cooler on the Market Reviews

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YETI is among the best cooler brands on the market at the moment, and they deserve every bit of the attention and fame they have achieved with the Tundra 65. This cooler withstood all of our tests valiantly, surprising us time after time with its raw insulating performance, great durability, and ease of use.

In this shor image Best ice cooler reviews article, we will go over the details of the Tundra 65 and discover in just what way that this ice chest is so special.

Amazing Insulating Performance

The Tundra 65 features thick insulated walls that can trap the chilliness inside for days at a time. In our test, we filled the relatively spacious interior of the cooler up with a good amount of ice and left it outside on the porch to see how long it takes for the ice to melt. With the lid closed, it took nearly a week for all traces of the ice to disappear into a puddle at the bottom of the cooler.


Food and drink both remain at USDA’s recommended optimal storage temperature for about five to six days.

Of course, your experience may differ from us in terms of ice retention. Depending on the ice-to-content ratio as well as the way you prep your cooler, the duration of ice retention may be different. But overall, you will definitely get great performance out of this Best Coolers For Camping image.


You can always trust a YETI cooler to be highly durable. The Tundra 65 is bear-resistant (which means that it has been tested and confirmed to be able to withstand a bear attack.) The reason it can do this is thanks to its rotomolded body, the tough integrated hinge on the lid, as well as industrial-strength rubber latches.

No matter how tough the road is, you can be completely at ease with the knowledge that the cooler can keep up with you.

Specially, as another evidence to its durability, the lid has a textured top so that you can even sit on it comfortably while resting during your camping trip. If the designers are comfortable enough to do that then surely, they’re very sure of its durability - another optimistic sign.


Easy to Use

The rubber latches are easy to use and you can open the lid with one hand in case of your other hand being occupied. The hinges can keep the lid opened while you’re loading or unloading the contents.

The lid can remain open without the integrated hinges being overextended, which makes it so much easier to use in more cramped spaces like against the railing of the back patio or a pickup’s cargo back.

Just as easily as it can be opened, shutting the lid is not hard, either. With just a slight push, the lid will quickly snap shut.

The dual rubber handles are heavy duty and allow for two people to carry it at the same time, making transportation much easier as a result.

The dual drain system is also another huge plus towards usability. The thawed ice water can be drained in about less than a minute.

The YETI cooler also features non-slip feet and tie-down points.

You can add a bottle opener into the cooler for drinks (not included), but YETI does give you a dry basket for storing food above the wet ice.

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All in all, the Tundra 65 is a perfect choice for if you need the best cooler on the market. The cooler has a nice combination between performance, durability, and ease of use, which has managed to bring it to the top of best-selling charts and is a popular choice among consumers. Maybe you’ll find it in yourself to love it, too.

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