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Posted 26 Jun 2020 by Frank [RKN]
Same here, 6 to 10 days on a 24 hour deadline.

Though the BM estimate is 6 - 10 days, mine completed in 4000 - 4600 seconds. Seems to be running fine here, you just need to ignore the estimated times.

Should look better now, let me know what you see

It seems the BM shows the correct progress and remaining time now, great work, thanks !

And agree @Zombie67, a Number Crunching forum would be good to discuss such things ;-)
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Posted 25 Jun 2020 by Frank [RKN]
download and runnig was no problem, but after ~ 1 hour the wu was at 0,4%, remaining time : over 9 days.
But the deadline is only 24 hours, anybody else with this problem ?

Gpu is 1660 Ti, Windows 10, normal runtimes on all other projects.