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1) Questions and Answers : Getting started : No credits on my account (Message 635)
Posted 25 Aug 2021 by Profile PDW
All your credits belong to the grcpool account.
You need to run under your own account for you to have them.
2) Questions and Answers : Web site : House keeping (Message 478)
Posted 25 Nov 2020 by Profile PDW
server under attack by spam bots
Users - Registered in past 24 hours 3215

admin intervention is required

You are now over 7.2 million users with more than 20 thousand a day signing up.
Not sure they are all waiting for work though.
3) Message boards : News : That was fast (Message 293)
Posted 18 Jul 2020 by Profile PDW
I'd complained about this sort of behaviour previously in a PM to chip, he replied on 1st July...

"Acknowledged, we'll take this into account for next time."