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1) Message boards : Number crunching : These are not badges! (Message 240)
Posted 9 Jul 2020 by Profile KPX
Hi all,

I can't seem to post replies in the forum, therefore this new thread.

What you guys have introduced are not badges. Top x % comes and goes. Badges are permanent, awarded for reaching thresholds. :-)

But anyway, cheers to you,

2) Message boards : Number crunching : quorum (Message 105)
Posted 29 Jun 2020 by Profile KPX
I guess this still needs to be addressed - there are still lots of "validation pending" units, where the validation unit has not been sent out.
3) Message boards : News : We are live (Message 51)
Posted 27 Jun 2020 by Profile KPX
Can stats export please be turned on?

I second that - if the project is live, it should be live in all aspects, so please, let's get the stats, as that's the fun part of it...