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Posted 3 Aug 2020 by Profile Bryan

Unlike some other projects, we believe in a level playing field and do not make any changes to the credit calculations which are provided stock by BOINC.

It is 200 credits per gigaFLOP day, this will not change.

Fair enough, it is your project. I just hit the 10M milestone so with the credit pay out that means I've reached my lifetime goal. To me it isn't worth the heat and the electricity bill to run the project.

My personal opinion, others view it differently but I'm moving elsewhere.
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Posted 28 Jul 2020 by Profile Bryan
And it pays very poorly in comparison to other GPU projects.
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Posted 27 Jun 2020 by Profile Bryan
Anyone else running a 1080gtx and not getting any tasks? Event log says 0 tasks sent.

I'm running one under Linux and I'm NOT having any problems getting work.